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Really liked this. Keep expressing yourself. Love your art style. New fan! 8)

Well done across the board! I really enjoyed this. I feel bad for the "survivor".

One of the many reasons I like Newgrounds, is to see and FEEL things like this. Well done!

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Really enjoyed this. A great hour+ of gaming! 8)

You should totally remove any Mochimedia ad support, they shut everything off on March 31, 2014. This could cause loading issues with your game, no matter where it is hosted. You can upload the game without ads to Newgrounds and Kong, and use FGL for other hosting options.

Cute and fun game! :)

You can use tools like mt Paint, Inkscape, Pencil, to make your own graphics for the game :) The music doesn't seem to fit with the visual style of the foreground graphics. Perhaps think 8bit chiptunes or future synth-type tunes. For sound effects, you should check out sfxr.

If you make it an endless runner, where the platforms move and the player has to keep up or die, it might add a funner dynamic to the gameplay. Include a leader board or high score board of some kind, and I think you might get more players and more positive feedback.

Change the main character to something unique, and animate it so that it looks like it is moving forward. Cute first effort with Stencyl, but try adding your own little unique gameplay hook. It is one thing to use templates and examples from other people, so that you learn, but you should always try to add a little something that your game has that others do not.

woeterman94 responds:

Amazing! Thanks, I'll try these out :)

Thanks for your feedback.

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I enjoyed the journey this took me on. I can imagine it playing as BGM for No Man's Sky or Dreams (PS4)

Could you please post the lyrics for "my pretty lie" in English and Greek?
Thanks for sharing this.

Thetakis responds:

Thank you too for this Post! The song is about past ,but i Don t said it never in there :) I will try to write some Lyrics, give me time !best wishes and thank you again.

Great sounding little soundtrack, thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful, smooth, gorgeous. Looks like there is a lot of horsepower. :)

bella-art responds:

Thank you! :) Hehe you bet ^^

Thank YOU for visiting Hatcher Technomantics on NEWGROUNDS! 8) We like to entertain people, make them laugh. We love to learn & help people. Being creative is something that keeps us going and happy when life throws speed bumps & detours in your way. ;)

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